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Things to Do in Bangkok in Three Days

One of the most popular destinations in the country of Thailand is its capital Bangkok. It can trace its roots back to the 15th century, and despite being very small has grown to be the most populous city in the entire country. It has many beautiful places that you can visit including ancient temples and beautiful high-rises that are part of the urban development in the last 20 years. Let's take a look at some of the best destinations that you can go to while you are in and around Bangkok, one of the more beautiful cities in all of Thailand.

Wat Pho

Things to Do in Bangkok

Also called Wat Chetuphon, this is a temple that was built for King Rama in Bangkok hundreds of years ago. It is thought to be a location where people can receive feelings, and was considered one of the first pharmacies in all of Bangkok. It is also the location of the first university which was started by a descendent of King Rama, a place where you can now get not only traditional medicine but a foot massage at very inexpensive prices. It is known mostly for the Temple of the Reclining Buddha which is a Buddha that is lying down perched on his arm. It is enormous, roughly 15 m high by 45 m long, and can only be viewed in sections because of its size. There are many beautiful precious stones that have been in lead in the soles of the feet, a total number of 108 stones total. This is a number related to procession, the wobble of the earth, something that is built into many of the temples throughout Thailand.

The Grand Palace

What to Do in Bangkok in Three Days

This is an absolutely beautiful structure that has quite a bit of history, and is the home of what is called Wat Phra Kaeo. It is here that the emerald or jade Buddha can be found, in this palace built in 1782, the residence of the royalty that were in charge of the country at the time. This palace includes two hours of not only the palace itself but also the Wat Phra Kaew Tour. It is recommended that you start early in the morning to take advantage of everything that you will be able to see, or simply do a half day sightseeing tour to see either one.

Wat Arun

Explore Wat Arun Bangkok Thailand

You can see a beautiful representation of the ancient battles that used to occur between Burma and Siam. This is actually a combination of Royal Palace and Chapel, and if you are able to climb to the top just before sunset, you will see the sun setting into the Chao Praya River, a beautiful sight to behold.

The Giant Swing

The Giant Swing Bangkok Day Trips

In front of what is called Wat Suthat is what the locals call the giant swing. It is a 27 m high structure, use for religious ceremonies, and its purpose is to go through a ritual which involves teams of three people going to the top and walking across to the narrow board. There were a significant number of fatal accidents back in the 1930s which cause them to not use this as a ritual ever again. However, it is a beautiful sight to see, especially in front of Wat Suthat.

Lumpini Park

Short Break at Lumpini Park Bangkok Thailand

If you have time, you can head over to Lumpini Park which is a literal oasis in the midst of the architecture and buildings of Bangkok. There are many lawns that you can hang out at, Chinese pagodas, and there is a small lake that you can take a boat out on. Is perfect for relaxing because the park is so tranquil, despite all of the skyscrapers that are surrounding it in all directions. The park has been a place where antigovernment protests have occurred, so just be sure that when you decide to go there, it's just people hanging out to relax.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Activities To Do at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Bangkok Thailand

This is literally something out of the movies, a real floating market that is about an hour outside of Bangkok. It is considered by some to be the Venice of the East, similar to how the people in that part of Italy do so many things on the water. It is also a tourist trap because of how people are wanting to see this market that is completely floating on boats manned by people selling their goods. However, when you do go, you will be treated to some of the most delicious food that is absolutely fresh, served in an authentic way.

There are many things that you can see in Bangkok, and these are some of the places that you can go which are a little out-of-the-way. You can visit the skyscrapers if you want to, and get a great view of the city, but these places down on earth are very beautiful and will give you a taste of how Bangkok perhaps once was before modernization.

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